Lord Fusor 152 & 153 Extreme Repair (Medium) Fusor Plastic Repair

Lord Fusor 152 & 153 Extreme Repair (Medium) Fusor Plastic Repair

Fusor 152 & 153 are designed for structural and cosmetic repair of all plastic parts including bumpers, tabs, emblems, trims and moldings. It can also be used on fiber glass and primed metal. The speed of cure is medium, making it more suitable for warm climate.

>Suitable for all structural and cosmetic repairs on bumpers and all plastic parts
>Enough work time for larger repairs; ideal for hot temperature conditions
>On-demand cure with heat.
>Sands to fine feather edge. 
>Sandable in 90 mins. 
>Prime substrates with Fusor 602EZ.

Fusor 133 cures in 10 mins
Fusor 142/143 cure in 20 mins

Product Size Code  
CHF08152    210ml
CHF08153    50ml

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