Sika Sika 527 Sika Auto Repair

Sika Sika 527 Sika Auto Repair

Sikaflex-527 is a hybrid sealant designed for car construction & crash repair. Used for seam sealing, general bonding, vibration reduction and sound deadening car body. Sika 527 has 15 months shelf-life compared to Sika 227 with 9 months.

>UV proof, paintable, brushable, sandable
>Cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer 
>15 months shelf life.
>Suitable for metal primers, paint coatings, metals and plastics
>Colours: Ochre, Black, White, Light Grey

Size Code

310ml Black 
310ml Grey 
310ml Ochre 
Sika527W/310     310ml White 

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