Farecla G Mop Super High Cut Farecla Applicators

Farecla G Mop Super High Cut Farecla Applicators

The G Mop Super High Cut Pad, developed in conjunction with G360 Super Fast Compound, eliminates P1500 sanding marks and removes the need for costly P3000 sanding discs.With a faster cut, the engineered fibre pad requires half the compound habitually used, and only light pressure resulting in less fatigue.

>Extremely rapid cut from P1500
>Recommended step 1 pad for use with G360 Compound
>Hybrid of foam and engineered fibres keep panels cool and significantly reduces drag improving ease of use
>Superb handling and flexibility, glides easily over surface contours
>Excellent durability

Prod Code

CHFAGMC350     75 mm
CHFAGMC650     150 mm

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