Surface is a water based and bodyshop safe Paint & Gelcoat rectification system. Surface`s unique feature is the DRA (Dynamic Response Abrasion) Technology. - utilising special shaped micro precision oxides.

  • P12 XTRA: Heavy Cut Compound
  • P40 XTRA Ultra Fine Finishing Polish
  • Scuffing Compound - MnM Mousse
  • Infinity Carnauba Wax - UV resistant & Bodshop safe
  • Spray Shield - Fast protection and shine of interior & exterior surfaces. Bodshop safe
  • Vitesse UV Wax - Easy to apply, rapid dry wax for Marine

Surface Products We Supply

Surface Infinity Carnauba Wax Surface Car Care

Infinity Nano WaxSuper Glossy Carnauba Wax with nano technology for all mod...

Surface P12 Xtra Surface Car Care

P12 Xtra Heavy Cut CompoundP12 Xtra is engineered with DRA™ (Dynamic Res...

Surface P40 Xtra Surface Car Care

P-40XTRA Polish Compound        The P40 Xtra is a ...

Surface Scuffing MnM Surface Car Care

Scuffing MnM MousseMnM is a triple action matting/flatting paste. It a...

Surface Spray Shield Surface Car Care

Spray Shield, Spray Shield is a wipe and easy-buff coating for fast protect...

Surface Vitesse UV Wax Surface Car Care

Vitesse Marine WaxVitesse is formulated as a showroom and exhibition speed ...

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