Farecla G6 Rapid Paste Farecla Compounds

Farecla G6 Rapid Paste Farecla Compounds

G6 is the old classic for restoring fibreglass and restoring weathered clearcoats.
The abrasive technology in G6 has now been superseded by more modern abrasive technology below:
- Profile Premium for fibre-glass
- G3 Extra-Plus for painted surface
Users of G6 are encouraged to migrate to these newer compounds for better performance.

>Designed for HS and MS paint
>Best result when used with Rapid Pads (wet use)
>Paste version of G6 Rapid
>Removes P1500 or finer abrasive marks
>Contains no masking fillers and Silicone free

Product Size & Code

CHFA02004    400g
CHFA02003    3kg

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