Surface P40 Xtra Surface Car Care

Surface P40 Xtra Surface Car Care

P-40XTRA Polish Compound        

The P40 Xtra is a ultra-fine finishing compound using 
DRA™ (Dynamic Response Abrasion) technology incorporating micro-precision oxides. It is engineered for cutting P1500 scratches and P4000 swirls & holograms using the steps below:

Denibb surface defects using P1500 sanding disc
Step 1: Use P40 Compound with the XC15 Micro-Wool pad. Start machine polisher at 1500rpm and finish at 2500rpm
Step 2: Use P40 Compound Black Finishing Foam to remove light swirl marks and hologram.

  • Paintshop safe, silicone, fillers and wax free
  • Quick and easy clean-up
  • Available in 250ml and 1kg bottles
  • Note: For aged and stubborn paintwork, cut with P12 (plus XC15 Micro-Wool pad)

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