Zirconite Nano Glaze (Teflon) Zirconite Coatings

Zirconite Nano Glaze (Teflon) Zirconite Coatings

Nano-Glaze (Teflon)

The Zirconite Nano-Glaze is a unique blend of PTFE and acrylic resins containing UV screens to lockout harmful atmospheric degradation.
It provides protection for 2 years in the extremes of polar and desert climates. It is ideal for protecting the paintwork and gelcoat of Marine Vessels and Caravans.

  • Protects against abrasion, gelcoat weathering, UV, and paint fading for 2 years
  • The combo of stage 1 and stage 2 treatment will cover an SUV or a 6m vessel
  • 125ml stage 1, 125ml stage 2 treatment pack
With an easy to follow maintenance program, which enhances the appearance of the Zirconite treatment.

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