The Zirconite brand is known in UK for its durability, resilience and brilliant reflective characters. It won major commercial successes in both the automotive and the marine markets.

  • Zirconite ZQ9 - Quartz coating for professional use. 4 years protection
  • Zirconite ZC Boosta - Ceramic coating, suitable for DIY. 2 years protection
  • Zirconite Nano Glaze - Teflon coating, suitable for Marine & DIY. 2 years protection
  • Zirconite ZG-365 - Graphene spray coating. Suitable for DIY. 1 year protection.
  • Zirconite Bead Magik - Super Hydrophobic spray coating. Suitable for DIY. 1/2 year protection.

Zirconite Products We Supply

Zirconite Bead Magik Zirconite Coatings

Bead Magik Zirconite Bead Magik is a super-hydrophobic coating, d...

Zirconite Nano Glaze (Teflon) Zirconite Coatings

Nano-Glaze (Teflon)The Zirconite Nano-Glaze is a unique blend of PTFE and ...

Zirconite ZC Boosta Zirconite Coatings

Zirconite ZC Boosta ZC Boosta is a Chemically fuses to ZIRCONITE Coatin...

Zirconite ZG-365 Zirconite Coatings

ZIRCONITE ZG-365 GrapheneZIRCONITE ZG-365’s graphene-infused formulation&...

Zirconite ZQ9 Quarts Coating Zirconite Coatings

ZQ9h Quartz Nano Coating ZQ9 Quartz is an advanced chemical & corro...

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